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Video links to curriculum

Excellent apologetic websites that will help you supplement your Wrecking Crew Curriculum
Excellent DVD to help supplement your Wrecking Crew Curriculum
Lee Strobel's Series- Case for Creation, Case for Christ, Case for Faith
Faith Under Fire Series- Lee Strobel
Use these video clips from Leestrobel.com to supplement the Wrecking Crew Curriculum

Bible Reliability Unit

Is the Bible Bogus?

Is the Bible reliable?

Is the Bible a historical document?

Is the New Testament true? Part III

Christianity 101 Unit

Define Christianity in a minute

Is Christianity arrogant?

Won't good moral and ethical people go to heaven?

Religion vs Christianity

The Case for Creation

Time for a new God?

Things that can be known about God

Debating the Existence of God- The Moral Arguement

Debating the Existence of God: The Creation Arguement

Does the Nature of the Universe argue for God?

When and how did the universe begin?

Is there good evidence for atheism?

Developing Tough-minded, Tender-hearted Teens for Christ.