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Speaking Topics
John Hellriegel, Jr. Talk Topics
Apologetic Topics For Camps, Churches(youth or adult), or School Chapels

I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

As a Cross-Examined.org Academy graduate, I use the "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" power-point presentation to answer four major questions to establish why Christianity is the most reasonable worldview 1. Does Truth exist?   2. Does God exist?  3. Are Miracles possible?  4. Is the New Testament True?

This seminar can be given in one talk or broken down into four separate talks. This talk can be given to students as well as to adults. 

The FALSE view of Evolution and the Case for Creation
In this session we will explore the problems Darwinian evolution and the case for a Creator. Student will walk away with five easy ways to confront the atheist with basic science and clear logical evidence that points toward a Creator.

Bible Reliability and inspiration-Wielding the SWORD

Can the Bible be trusted?  Students will learn to confront skeptics with five easy to remember reasons why the Bible is not like any other religious book. We will explore issues of prophecy, survivability, textual criticism and other evidence that support the reliability and inspiration of the Bible.

Is Jesus the Messiah and God?

Students will be challenged to consider the overwhelming evidence that Jesus was the Messiah spoken about in the Old Testament. Students will walk away with evidence that Jesus was exactly who he claimed to be.

Weeding out the Fakes
Students will learn how to identify cults of Christianity. Students will be given six simple ways to identify counterfeits and understand the core elements of the SAVIOR. 

The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?

Students will explore evidence for the central question of Christianity and walk away with a greater confidence in their faith. We will look at the historical evidence to support the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The Case for Truth

This talk will prepare participants to defend objective truth. Participants will also learn to objections to absolute truth and defeat the false philosophy of Relativism.

Top Five Reasons I'm not a Christian(and why they are all wrong)

This talk challenges students to stand up against some commonly held objections(Christians are hypocrites, Christians are arrogant and narrow minded, Religion and Christianity are responsible for most of the problems in the world, Christianity is oppressive, All religions are the same)

Tough-minded worldview thinking

This talk trains participants to think biblically about the world they live in. Participants will learn what it means to think like a Christian and will be given simple tools to help them analyze the culture and current events. 

The Problem of EVIL
In this lecture, participants will be taught four concise ways to answer the problem of evil.

John Hellriegel's Resume

If you are interested in having John come and speak at your camp, youth group, chapel or adult church group, please contact him at Biblelessons4youth@yahoo.com

Developing Tough-minded, Tender-hearted Teens for Christ.