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Spiritual Formation 4 Youth

Going Deep
Spiritual Formation
4 Youth
Helping teens deepen their walk with God through the understanding and practice of the Spiritual Disciplines

"Going Deep is a very helpful curriculum for teachers, pastors and general mentors of youth to introduce them to the practice of spiritual disciplines and instruct them in their exercise. The curriculum is creative, easy to use and accessible. I am grateful to see its publication."
JP Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and author of Kingdom Triangle

There is no question that students today live very busy lives. From the time they wake up in the morning to the time they go to sleep they are bombarded with messages that confuse them, temptations that lure them, and fears that overwhelm them. This curriculum is designed to help Christian teachers and youth pastors train students to break through the noise, temptations and fears by focusing on the full life that God offers for them. This curriculum includes the following things:

  1. PowerPoint  Presentation to introduce the Disciplines.
  2. PowerPoint  Warm Up slides(62of them) that promote spiritual formation and help students connect God’s Word with their life.
  3. PowerPoint Slides that help students dig deeper into weekly Bible verses.
  4. Opening Skits to introduce the Disciplines
  5. Teacher directions on how to use the material
  6. Scripture related to the Discipline
  7. Opening activities for students to practice the discipline
  8. Bonus ideas on how to practice the disciplines
  9. Easy to use grade sheet for Bible teachers
The Going Deep curriculum provides Christian educators and youth pastors practical training lessons for teens in the area of Spiritual Disciplines (Prayer, Meditation, Study, Fasting, Submission, Service, Solitude, and Simplicity).

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Developing Tough-minded, Tender-hearted Teens for Christ.