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Wrecking Crew Apologetics Curriculum

"For years I have wished for a first-rate apologetics book for middle schoolers, but no longer. Wrecking Crew is the book for which I have been waiting. It covers a set of major areas of attack against Christianity, and responds with well-reasoned answers and creative educational activities to involve the student in the issue. I highly recommend it."

JP Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and author of Kingdom Triangle

Wrecking Crew Apologetics Part II

This curriculum teacher/student notes and powerpoint slides for the following units: 
  • The Case for TRUTH-This unit will prepare students to defend objective truth. Students will also learn to answer objections to absolute truth and defeat the false philosophy of Relativism
  • Confronting Worldview CHAOS-This unit will prepare students to analyze Pantheism, Atheism, the New Age Movement, Polytheism and other worldviews.
  • Answering the Problem of EVIL- This unit will prepare students to answer the problem of evil and other common objections to the Christian Faith.
  • World religions and cults- This unit will prepare students to understand and contrast the teachings World Religions and Cults with Christianity. Special emphasis is placed on engaging the false teachings of the Mormon church.
  • Cultural Apologetics- This unit will train students to discern movies, music, television and books from a biblical worldview and teach them to engage poplular culture for Kingdom purposes

Wrecking Crew Apologetics Part I Shopping Cart

$39.99--Buy Entire Wrecking Crew Apologetics Part I Curriculum. This includes all of the units listed below

$9.99--Purchase Apostles Creed Unit

$9.99--Purchase Resurrection Unit

$9.99--Purchase Creation vs. Evolution Unit

$9.99--Purchase Cults and Mormonsim Unit

$9.99--Purchase Bible Reliability Unit

$9.99--Purchase Jesus the Messiah Unit


Click here to preview a sample unit from Wrecking Crew Apologetics (If you like the unit, please pay for it or the entire Wrecking Crew package below)

Wrecking Crew Apologetics Part I
The overall goal of this teacher-designed Wrecking Crew Apologetics curriculum is to provide youth educators with tools to teach apologetics in an interesting and creative way. The Wrecking Crew Apologetics curriculum, which comes with over one hundred lecture and discussion powerpoint slides,  utilizes a variety of teaching methods to equip young people to defend their faith, including readings, lectures, note taking, Bible inquiry, internet lessons, games, group discussions, role playing, debates, and mock trials. This curriculum will excite students about their faith as they discover more about the historical and scientific evidence that supports it. The units in Wrecking Crew Part I include: The Case for Creation, The Case for the Bible, The Case for traditional Christianity, The Case for Jesus as Messiah and God, the Case for the Resurrection.
Entire Wrecking Crew Part I curriculum: $39.99

Individual units: $9.99

Click here to buy Wrecking Crew Apologetics Part I and Part II, $70

Click here to purchase the Biblelessons4youth Special, which includes the Wrecking Crew Apologetics Part I, Going Deep, and FBI curriculum-$65

Click here to order Lee Strobel's Case for Christ(student edition) or Case for Creation(student edition). This student text is an excellent way to supplement the Wrecking Crew Apologetics curriculum.

Developing Tough-minded, Tender-hearted Teens for Christ.